August 24, 2012 : Cleaning Gym Equipment

Cleaning Gym Equipment

Many people go to gyms to work out and stay healthy. Gyms have all the work out equipment needed in one building and the people there to train help with creating personalized workouts, so therefore its no surprise that so many people have memberships to gyms.  Additionally gyms offer motivation for those who need encouragement to work out hard. Watching other people pump iron while sweating profusely only motivates one to want to keep moving. I can still remember years ago watching an older woman on the stair master for 45 minutes and thinking if she can do it, so can I.

Although it’s great that so many people go to gyms, it can be frustrating when your scheduled time at the gym is spent waiting in line for people to be finished with the work out equipment. Many gyms have signs everywhere stating that there is a 30-minute time limit on the machines, however 30 minutes of watching other people exercise is tiring and can be unsettling. Watching other people running and sweating on treadmills or ellipticals can be motivating like already mentioned, however it’s not very appetizing to be working out in other people’s sweat and grime.

Many gyms that I’ve been to offer ways to wipe up your sweat after you’re done with the workout machines, however many of the solutions are ineffective. The gym that I go to often has disinfectant spray and several cloth towels to wipe up after yourself. After several wipe downs though, the cloth towel becomes soaked in sweat and disinfectant spray that it makes you not want to touch the towel and clean up after yourself because the towel is filthy.  The gym I went to last night, offered a better solution: disposable paper towels and disinfectant spray. Using disposable paper towels might seem to be a better solution because they are disposable and doesn’t leave people using dirty cloth towels, however the gym equipment is still left dirty.

If you read the label on the disinfectant sprays used at many gyms, the directions for use section states that the disinfectant has a 10-minute contact time. This means that after the disinfectant is sprayed onto the gym equipment, the disinfectant has to stay on the equipment for 10 minutes for it to disinfect properly. However, people are unknowledgeable of this, and don’t wait the 10 minutes. Instead, people spray the disinfectant onto the equipment and immediately remove it by cloth or paper towel therefore not disinfecting the equipment effectively.

Therefore, I think the more effective and convenient way to clean the equipment is by using antibacterial gym wipes. Gym Wipes are towelettes that have been designed specifically to clean gym equipment. They do not contain alcohol and don’t need a 10 minute contact time. Additionally they are easy to use and dispose of. Just pull, wipe, dispose, and begin working out on a clean workout machine.



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