June 8, 2012 : The Fight Against Deadly Infections in Hospitals

The Fight Against Deadly Infections in Hospitals

On Monday, the Wall Street Journal published an article, Behind one Hospital’s Fight Against Deadly Infection, which explained the pressure hospitals are under to clean up their act. As the article stated, “one in twenty hospital patients gets a potentially deadly infection.”  Studies have shown that the most common surfaces, such as the sink faucets or TV remote controls, are the places that can have the most deadly bacteria on them. Efforts have been made to reduce hospital infections, including launching the “Clean Spaces, Healthy Patients” program which includes online seminars for cleaning staffs. Not only is education necessary to help reduce these infections, but the products used to clean are just as important.    
Many hospitals have resorted to using stronger soaps, bleach, and more potent kinds of hydrogen peroxide to clean better. Here at Sanitizing Wipes, we offer the Sani- Cloth HB which is also sometimes used to clean hospital surfaces. It is through the combination of many cleaning products that hospitals can begin decreasing the prevalence of infections. 
Although efforts have been made to have a cleaner hospital environment to reduce the rate of infections, it is still very important to take your own preventative measures to stop from getting infected. The most important preventative measure is keeping your hands clean. The Sani-Hands individual packet wipes are a great way to make sure that your hands are always clean. Although these wipes are great to use to clean your hands throughout the day, It is especially important to use them after you have touched the common surfaces that can carry a lot of deadly bacteria, such as the faucets or remote controls.
Another important preventive measure is to SPEAK UP! If you feel like your hospital room is not clean, then don’t hesitant to ask your nurse to have your room cleaned. It is important for you to feel comfortable in your own room and to reduce the chances of getting infected.
Do you work at a hospital? Be sure to look at our large selection of hospital grade disinfectant wipes to keep yourself safe from infections at work.




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