June 6, 2012 : Top 10 dirtiest places in your home

Top 10 dirtiest places in your home

Ten common areas in your home where bacteria likes to party.

Your home, a place that you hope to come home to after a long day at work and find filled with love and comfort. A place filled with relaxation and celebrations, with stability and with warmth. Unfortunately your home is also filled with bacteria, lots and lots of bacteria. No matter how hard you work for it, these little creatures tend to flourish wherever human beings live. Below we have listed ten common places in your home that bacteria can be found in abundance.

1) The toilet bowl

Ranking this one the highest on the list shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. Fecal matter is often in and around this area of your house. Too often people tend to store personal hygiene items such as toothbrushes and combs near this area. Make sure that if you do this, these items are covered in order to protect them from these harmful bacteria and make sure that the lid to the toilet is closed prior to flushing so that fecal matter does not splash outside of the bowl.

2) The Kitchen Drain

While you may think this is a fairly clean area of your house due to how often you spend time actually cleaning other objects in it, it is actually filled with bacteria. This is due to the fact that the soap we use to wash our dishes doesn’t always eliminate the bacteria from old food, dirty sponges, and the occasional band aid that may slip off during the dish washing process. Be sure to wipe your hands off with a sani-hand wipe after washing your dishes to make sure that you aren’t spread those bacteria even further.

3) Sponge or Counter Wiping cloth

Some would argue that this is actually the dirtiest item in your home since these cleaning tools pick up bacteria while you clean and are often not sanitized prior to their next use. To disinfect a sponge make sure it has been soaked in water, then heat it in the microwave for 60 seconds to two minute, or pour boiling water over it carefully, and then rinse it with cool water prior to its next use.

4) Toothbrush Holder

As mentioned above, this is one item that is often over looked as a breeding ground for bacteria. It is often left out, uncovered and can have various amounts of bacteria resting on it. Make sure that you wipe this item down on a regular basis or pop it into the dishwasher among your other dishes the next time you wash a load.

5) Bathtub, near the drain

While much attention is typically paid to keeping the rest of your bathtub from producing mildew or mold, which is representative of moist bacterial growth, all of the grime that you remove from your body on a daily basis can remain in the drain, growing and festering. By the time the soap that you used to clean your body has reached this destination it is no longer effective in cleaning this area. Make sure the next time you clean your bathroom to pay close attention to this area in order to keep the bacteria at bay.

6) Bathroom Faucet

Another area that is commonly overlooked is the bathroom faucet. While a typical glass cleaner will make this area shine, it will not eliminate the bacteria growing here. Remember, this is (hopefully) the first area that you touch after using the toilet, so it is of utmost importance that is sanitized properly. One idea that is useful in keeping this area strategically sanitized is to keep some disinfectant wipes available for you to use immediately after washing your hands.

7) Pet Food dish

This is yet another area that is often over looked. Much like sponges and kitchen sinks, this area retains small pieces of food and does not receive the proper, thorough cleaning that it deserves. A quick wipe down with a sanitizing wipe on a regular basis means that you don’t have to throw Fido’s dish in the dish washer every time he finishes his meal.

8) Stove knobs

 The kitchen is quickly losing its appeal as a safe haven as we go down this list, but with a few strategically placed sanitizing wipes this area of your household can be returned to its pristine glory. It is important to keep in mind when cooking to keep your hands clean, especially after handling meat. Doing this will vastly cut short the amount of bacteria being spread around the food prep area. 

9) Phones/cell phones

 While this is a seemingly strange item to find on this list, imagine all of the unclean places that your cell phone goes; your purse, your pocket, your briefcase, your kitchen counter, your desk at work…. maybe even your bathroom. After that it is held closely to your face for minutes or hours at a time. Since you would never want to wash your cell phone, make sure that you use a non abrasive disinfecting wipe to clean it off on a regular basis.

10) Television remote control 

Yet another item that everyone in the house is constantly touching, whether they have washed their hands or not, is the television remote control. It can be the home to hundreds if not thousands of bacteria per square inch and is being passed around on a regular basis. As with you mobile device, you aren’t going to want to wash this device, rather, make sure to use a non-abrasive sanitizing wipe in order to wipe it down, and do so frequently.



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