February 28, 2013 : 5 Places You Should Always be Able to Find Disinfectant Wipes and Sanitizing Wipes.

5 Places You Should Always be Able to Find Disinfectant Wipes and Sanitizing Wipes.


Disinfectant wipes have been around for years now. From simple wet wipes that have been given out at restaurants, to homemade wipes used by outdoor enthusiasts who didn't have easy access to showers, these wipes are now found in various environments and industries throughout the world. Here are 5 places that you should always be able to find a disinfectant wipe.

1) Nurseries. One of the first places we think of when we think about wanting to stay free of microbial matter that can possibly cause illness is the nursery. Whether it is a nursery at home, and especially in a nursery day care, making sure that surfaces and objects are free of hazardous agents is extremely important. Children's’ immune systems are notoriously weak as they are just beginning to develop, so they are among the most susceptible in our population to get sick. Keeping disinfectant wipes or sani-hands for kids easily available won’t guarantee that kids will never become ill (after all, being sick is a part of growing up and developing your immune system) but it will help prevent illnesses from becoming full on outbreaks among groups of children.

2) Speaking of nurseries, let’s just add all areas that children congregate in to this list. Whether it be a nursery, a day care, a school classroom, or a gym, children are prime candidates for being the vessels which transport germs and other illness inducing microbial creatures. Keeping sani-hands for kids and disinfectant wipes easily available can drastically help lower the rates at which children spread sickness to each other and those around them.

3) Hospitals. Hospitals are supposed to be safe havens, places that you go to get better when you’re feeling ill, not worse. While most hospitals are meticulous in the manners with which they keep their rooms and equipment sterilized, the real wild cards are people visiting other patients at the hospital. Friends and family who may have a simple cold and may not be as fastidious as the hospital when it comes to sanitizing their hands can quickly spread what may be a simple and small cold or illness to them, to patients whose immune systems are not able to handle sparring with such sicknesses. Disinfectant wipes for hospitals are a must in this day and age, make sure that you keep sani-hands on you when you go, or ask around at a hospital the next time you are there where you can find some.

4) Grocery stores. While this may seem quite logical now as many grocery stores have sanitizing wipes at their entrances, it wasn't too long ago that this wasn't the case. Keeping your hands free of substances that can spread sicknesses prior to touching fruits, vegetables, and any other objects that are going to end up in a kitchen is of utmost importance. You more than likely wouldn't want someone who had a cold sneezing in their hands, picking up a zucchini, and putting it back in with the rest of the produce, so make sure you do the right thing by making sure your hands are sanitized too prior to picking up produce.

5) Retail stores. Another example similar to grocery stores where there are people from various backgrounds touching and handling all sorts of different objects that you yourself may come in to contact with. Some of the big box stores now have sanitizing wipes at their entrances, but it’s always a safe bet to bring your own to make sure that you’re not bringing home with your purchases such as a cold or flu.




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