October 31, 2012 : Germs your kids will bring home

Germs your kids will bring home

Winter hasn’t even hit yet, but school has already been in session for a few months, which means the kids are bringing home more and more germs every day. Sniffles, sneezes, coughs, and runny noses are currently being shared more than a box of crayons at your kids’ school. If you have a child who has boundless amounts of energy (the way most of them do) and runs from one place to the next with little thought about where they are putting their hands (the way most of them don’t) then you’re going to want to carry some sani-hands for kids on you. Below we’ve listed 5 of the top places that, as a parent, you’re going to want to be on the lookout for when to help your little one disinfect their hands.

The Supermarket – This place is crawling with germs, from the shelves, to the carts, to every imaginable part of the checkout line. If your little one is anything like the ones we know, then as soon you put them in a cart, they will be chewing on the handle you, and dozens of other people who haven’t washed their hands, use to push the cart. Make sure your kids thoroughly use sani-hands for kids wipes after leaving the store, and be sure to keep as much as possible out of their mouths.

Your friends’ homes – Unfortunately, for many adults, it is not until they have children that they realize the importance of keeping a home not only clean looking, but actually sanitized. Keep a few extra wipes on hand to make sure that your little one doesn’t pick up any colds here.

The Doctor’s Office – Another unfortunate place to be on the lookout as to what your kids are touching and/or putting in their mouths since this is supposed to be an environment you take your kids to in order to help them get better, not worse. The fact of the matter is though; most kids that are coming to a doctor’s office already have a runny nose, a fever, or some other symptom that has prompted this visit. Those very same kids are playing with the same toys your child will be playing with, spreading their germs with every touch of that train or puzzle piece your own kiddo is about to play with.

Public Restrooms – This one is pretty common sense, but needs to be noted along with the others. The most common area that is likely to be covered in germs is will to be the handles that are throughout the restroom, the ones that are used to enter the restroom, the stall handles, the sink faucets, and the handle used to exit the restroom. Remember, just because you wash your hand when you are in the restroom doesn’t mean everyone else does.

The playground – Last but not least, the playground. Another breeding ground for germs of every kind due to the population that is spending the most amount of time on them, children. Be sure to keep a few extra sani-hands for kids in your bag for when you and your little ones are leaving the playground, and above all else, make sure they don’t put anything in their mouth while they are on the playground.



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