March 15, 2012 : Hand Sanitizing Wipes for Air Travel

Hand Sanitizing Wipes for Air Travel

Hand Sanitizing Wipes for Air Travel

Getting to the Gate

Traveling through the air presents many challenges to today’s traveler.  Finding suitable airport parking, checking your luggage, and getting through security are enough to stress most travelers more than they care to be.  I find air travel to be a hygienic obstacle course as well.  By the time you have reached your gate your hands have come into contact with various items that are most certainly contaminated with germs.  When you pass your driver’s license and boarding pass to the airline representative or TSA agent, you are exchanging bacteria via your hands.  Did you ever wonder why the TSA folks wear disposable gloves?  As you move through the security process and on to your departure gate you touch a number of items that have germs on them.  For example, the tub you placed your laptop in, your shoes, your carry-on luggage, and the hand rail on the automated walkway.  Those items most likely have enough germs on them to start a germ farm!  Now comes time for you to take a moment and grab a quick bite before reaching your gate.  Once you order your food you hand your credit card to the restaurant employee and sign the receipt with a pen that has been touched by the last 250 customers.  When you grabbed that sandwich out of the bag did you think about washing your hands?  Oh yes you say, however, I didn’t want to drag my carry-on luggage and my sandwich into the restroom just to wash my hands, so I ate my sandwich and hoped I didn’t catch anything from all of those germ infested surfaces I touched getting to this point in my travel day.  Hand sanitizing wipes are the answer to this hectic scenario played out daily by the traveling public.  Can’t get to a hand wash sink to use soap and water, grab an individually packaged instant hand sanitizing wipe and get those grubby paws of yours as clean and sanitized as possible.  You may want to consider using two of them just to be sure you get those hands really clean.  I know, alcohol gels are good for this application too, however, from my experience they do not do a good job of removing soil on my hands.  In my opinion, hand sanitizing wipes have a distinct advantage over hand sanitizing gels in that they can actually remove soil from your hands while gels just move that soil around on your hands.

Aboard the Plane

Now you have made it on the plane.  Let’s review the number of things your hands have come into contact since you had your sandwich.  Well, your carry-on luggage is a good start.  Remember when you rushed away from the security check point with your carry-on luggage?  You may recall that you had just come into contact with a plethora of soiled surfaces and while doing so you had to continuously touch your carry-on luggage.  Now that you have carried your luggage onto the plane, touched the latch on the overhead compartment, put your seat belt on, and touched the armrest on your seat, guess what, your hands are loaded with those nasty little germs again.  When the flight attendant comes by to offer you that drink and snack, you think, oh I had better go wash my hands, however, the flight attendant is between you and the restroom not to mention the two passengers seated between you and the aisle.  Oh well, I guess I need to grab another individually packaged travel wipe before I eat that snack.

What about the Restroom?

Ever try to wash your hands at the sink in an airplane restroom?  Good luck with that.  Turning the faucet off once you’re done washing, opening the door latch, and turning the door handle on your way out of the restroom leaves your hands in a mess again.  Even if you can get out of the restroom with clean hands, they are soiled again as soon as you put your seat belt back on.  That old seat belt buckle may be just loaded with germs waiting to get on your hands.  That’s why I always use a hand sanitizing wipe after I return to my seat and have buckled up. I like to keep my hands as clean as possible just in case I decide to snack on those peanuts the flight attendant dropped off a few minutes ago.

Washing your hands with soap and water is not always a possibility.  When I need to clean and sanitize my hands when water is not available or when I need to reach that level of clean I am comfortable with, I always grab an instant hand sanitizing wipeMy favorite options are the Sani-Hands and Purell Cottony Soft individually packaged hand sanitizing wipes.

What do you use to keep your hands clean when you travel by air?

Written by:  Sherman McDonald



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