September 28, 2012 : How to keep your children healthy this fall

How to keep your children healthy this fall

Late last month we blogged about ways teachers can stay healthy during the school year and now we are going to focus on keeping students healthy this fall and for the remaining of the school year.
 Kids are often bound to get sick at some point seeing as they are always touching germ infested objects then touching their faces, and are also constantly surrounded by many other germ carrying students who are potentially sick. As a parent it is important to take preventative and proactive measures to ensure a healthy school year for you and your children.  The more often your children get sick the more likely the entire family is going to get sick. Also, if your children are sick there is a possibility that you might have to take off work which can be costly. So how do you go about keeping your children from getting sick this school year? Below we have provided some tips that will keep your kids out of the Doctor's office and keep them in the classroom.

Teach your kids to cover their noise and mouth when sneezing and coughing – When coughing and sneezing pathogens get in the air and contaminate personal belongings and others.  Covering your nose and mouth is a great way to prevent cross contamination

Have your children carry travel size packs of Kleenex so that way they don’t have to use the shared community classroom tissues, and they can use their own clean ones whenever necessary.

Give your child orange juice for breakfast before they go to school.  Orange juice has vitamin C in it which helps keep the body healthy and strong and also helps prevent colds.

In your child’s lunchbox put a individually packaged sani-hands wipes so that way their hands will be clean before they start eating and touching their food.

Label their lunch and sport activity water bottles- By labeling the water bottles they will always know which one is theirs which prevents them from drinking from someone else’s water bottle who could potentially be sick.

Tell your kids to never touch their eyes or noise or mouth with their bare hands. If they need to touch them for some reason, tell them to use the travel pack size of Kleenex that they carry around.  The less they put their hands by their face, the less likely they will get sick.

Right when your children get home have them was their hands.

If your child has a computer have them disinfect it regularly with disinfecting wipes.

Lastly, make sure your children get plenty of sleep. Sleep is the best way to stay healthy. Everyone’s body needs sleep to restore itself  and your immune system functions best when you get at least eight hours per night.

Hopefully by following  these tips you and your kids can stay healthy this school year!



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