June 18, 2012 : The Importance of Hand Sanitizing Wipes

The Importance of Hand Sanitizing Wipes

A study was done recently at a microbiology researchers' conference in San Francisco that measured the amount of bacteria on objects in a series of hotel rooms. Previously on this blog we have mentioned the common areas on your home that have a higher than average amount of bacteria. With hotels, the objects remain largely the same when ranking them in order of containing the highest amount of bacteria; however, the types of bacteria are different.

This is due to the fact that in the above mentioned study, the highest levels of contamination were actually found in the hotel maids’ cleaning carts, more specifically, on the mop and sponge. This means that different bacteria are being spread from one environment to the next.

This means that regardless of your own personal hygiene, when you’re in public, you will encounter bacteria. Another recent study showed that 71% of gas pump handles, 68% of mailbox handles, 43% of escalator rails, 41% of ATM buttons, 40 % of parking meters, and 35% of crosswalk buttons and vending machine buttons had some form of bacteria on them.

This is why it makes sense to always have hand sanitizing wipes on you. Whether you’re a single person, living in a big city, or a mother of 3 in the suburbs, there are different types of bacteria around you at all times. In this day and age, none of us have the time or energy to get sick just because we didn’t think ahead and bring hand sanitizer wipes with us.



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