August 3, 2012 : Tis the Season of State Fairs

Tis the Season of State Fairs

Across America this month, millions of peoples will be visiting state fairs and carnivals.  Some of the most popular and largest state fairs being the Arizona State Fair, Iowa State Fair, Minnesota State Fair, and the Green New York State Fair. All of these fairs offer a lot of food and carnival rides, and even some offer other types of entertainment such as booths, and live animals to feed and pet. Although the rides are fun and thrilling to go on, and the animals are amusing to watch as they stick their snouts through the metal gating, it seems like food is what attracts many people to the fair. A fair wouldn’t be a real fair unless if it had delicious deep fried food that we all know is bad for us but we eat anyways, right?
In a recent article from ABC News, they stated the top 10 State Fair Food Favorites. In the list it included: Carmel Apples, Belgian Waffle on a stick, deep-fried oreo cookies, corn dogs, frozen coffee on a stick, cotton candy, funnel cake, fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich, deep-fried Norwegian banana split, and an open-faced grilled spam sandwich. Out of this list of mouth-watering food, I would have to say my favorite is the cotton candy.
I don’t eat candy cotton often, but when I do I absolutely love it. There’s something exciting about walking around the state fairgrounds eating freshly made cotton candy, zoning out to the merry-go-round music, and feeling like a kid again.  However, when I was a kid I didn’t mind the stickiness from my candy floss after I was done eating it. I willing licked off wet sugar from my fingers, but GROSS now a days I wouldn’t dare to do that. Instead, I am always left going on a scavenger hunt to find the closest outhouse in hope that they will have instant hand sanitizer gels or a sink to remove the stickiness from my hands. Often though, the outhouses are unequipped with any form of way to clean off my hands, and therefore I’m left spending the rest of my day with color dyed, wet, sticky, sugary, hands.
It’s a little unsettling for me to know that once I buy my ticket at the fair and walk through the gates, I only have access to the resources that the fair provides. If they don’t have soap and water, hand sanitizing wipes, or hand sanitizer gels, then I’m let having dirty hands to eat with after touching the farm animals, and left with wet sugar on my fingers after eating my cotton candy. Years ago I gave up on relying on only what the state fairs supply for hand sanitation, because often I was left unsatisfied with my resources. Therefore, I began bringing my own hand wipes, specifically the sani hands individually packaged wipes. That way I could eat my favorite fair food, and not have to go on a scavenger hunt looking for a place to Wipe It Clean.



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