October 9, 2012 : Live a Eco-Friendly Lifestyle by Staying Green

Live a Eco-Friendly Lifestyle by Staying Green

In today’s society, people are being more eco-friendly and conscience of the different ways to use recycled and eco-friendly things in order to live a “Green Life”. Living an eco-friendly lifestyle is both beneficial for the world and for your wallet. Below we have supplied a list of ways that you and your family can be green!

- Skip the water bottle- instead of buying plastic water bottles that can be costly and use a lot of plastic, carry around a water bottle instead.

- Ride a bicycle instead of driving when possible: driving can not only be costly because of grass prices, but also creates pollution because cars release emissions into the air.

-Save energy: Save energy by using compact fluorescent light bulb, set your thermostat a couple degrees lower, and wash as many clothes as possible in cold water because heating water takes up a lot of energy.

- Use re-usable Tupperware and lunch boxes in your and yours kids lunches instead of using paper bags and zip lock bags

- Encourage your children to use recycled materials when making art projects. Recycled materials that are great for art projects are paper towel and toilet paper cardboard rolls, bottle caps, empty milk jugs, popsicle sticks, shoe boxes, and cereal boxes.

- Use eco-friendly products: Clean your house with green cleaning products by using non-toxic biodegradable products like SCRUBS green cleaning wipes. Also, instead of using normal hand sanitizing wipes like sani-hands, be more green conscience and use green hand-wipes like sani-hands with tencel which is made with 100% compostable fibers and from renewable resources.

- Recycle: A great way to be eco-friendly is by recycling plastic, glass, newspapers, and pop cans.

- Give your clothes away: Instead of throwing away clothes, shoes, and accessories, donate them to a place like Goodwill or sell them to a consignment store so that other people can get use out of them.

Good luck and have fun beginning a eco-friendly lifestyle!



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