October 11, 2012 : Prevent Getting Sick From Superbugs in Hospitals

Prevent Getting Sick From Superbugs in Hospitals

Today the Science Codex released an article called: "Airborne Superbugs elude Hospital Cleaning Regimes". Within the article, it talks about how there are “hospital superbugs” such as MRSA and C-difficile that float in the air and contaminate all sorts of surfaces in the hospital. In the study they were trying to explain “despite strict cleaning regimes and hygiene controls, some hospitals still struggle to prevent bacteria moving from patient to patient”.  Places that they found a lot of bacteria were on patients’ beds, beside tables, chairs and wash basins.

Although it is inevitable to come in contact with bacteria while being at the hospital, there are actions you can take in order to prevent getting sick from different bacteria’s found in the hospital

Keep hand wipes with you at all times. Sani hands individual packaged wipes are a perfect way to keep your hands clean the entire time you’re at the hospital. Every surface that you encounter while being at the hospital might be contaminated, and therefore it is important to continuously keep your hands clean. 

Keep your hands away from your noise, mouth, and eyes. The less you touch your noise, mouth, and eyes, the less likely the bacteria will be able to get into your system.

If you are staying at the hospital, keep disinfecting wipes in your room. Although, the hospital is responsible for cleaning the rooms, don’t put your health in the hands of the cleaning staff. Use Sani-Cloth HB wipes in the places where bacteria is highly concentrated on including beds, bedside tables, the chairs, and wash basins.

Take daily vitamins. Vitamins help your body keep healthy, and help your immune system fight off sicknesses.



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