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Staying Healthy this Holiday Season

How to Clean iPhone Case How to Clean iPhone Case

How to Declutter Your Kitchen How to Declutter Your Kitchen

Summer time is a perfect time to clean your kitchen out. When warm summer days and evening give way to cool Autumn temperatures you will want to have your kitchen organized and ready to easily bake cookies, hot cider, and a litany of other classic fall recipes. Here are some quick and easy ways you can make sure your kitchen is in tip-top shape.

4 ways to stay healthy while on vacation 4 ways to stay healthy while on vacation

Staying safe this summer Staying safe this summer

Memorial Day is almost here, which means that summer time is just around the corner. As spring showers give way to warmer temperatures, families are bound to spend more time outside enjoying barbecues, beaches, biking, and all of the other activities that summer time has to offer. Make sure that this summer you and your kids don’t miss out on any great chances to learn and explore in the great outdoors by arming yourself with some sani-hand for kids and a few simple rules.

Safe Food Handling Safe Food Handling

Although many microorganisms are harmless, some can cause food to spoil, which would make it look, smell, or taste bad. Microorganisms also cause food poisoning, but these microorganisms cannot always be detected by the look, smell or taste of the food. The idea that the food on the dinner table can make someone sick may be disturbing, but there are steps you can take to protect your family and dinner guests. It's just a matter of following basic rules of food safety.

Common Bacterias in Your Kitchen Common Bacterias in Your Kitchen

Germiest Places in Your Home

5 Places You Should Always be Able to Find Disinfectant Wipes and Sanitizing Wipes.

Disinfectant wipes have been around for years now. From simple wet wipes that have been given out at restaurants, to homemade wipes used by outdoor enthusiasts who didn't have easy access to showers, these wipes are now found in various environments and industries throughout the world. Here are 5 places that you should always be able to find a disinfectant wipe.

Germs from Hand Dryers Germs from Hand Dryers

Healthy habits in the New Year

The New Year is here, and with it comes the chance to make big changes. Every year it is approximated that 1 in 3 individuals makes some sort of resolution in order to make themselves a better, more well rounded person. We love this idea and think that even if you don’t see your New Year’s resolution all the way through to the end of 365 days from now, at least you will have begun to put into place the groundwork for some good habits. Here are 5 resolutions for the New Year that we think can keep you healthy, and happy, this year.

C.S. Mott Children's Hospital

Germs your kids will bring home Germs your kids will bring home

Prevent Getting Sick From Superbugs in Hospitals Prevent Getting Sick From Superbugs in Hospitals

Hospital carry some of the strongest bugs and it is important to prevent additional illness when visiting a hospital. Learn more in this article about how sanitizing wipes can keep you healthy.

Live a Eco-Friendly Lifestyle by Staying Green Live a Eco-Friendly Lifestyle by Staying Green

These days it's all about being green! Read our tips on how to keep a green home and help the earth.

How to keep your children healthy this fall How to keep your children healthy this fall

Kids are often bound to get sick at some point seeing as they are always touching germ invested objects then tou ching their faces, and are also constantly surrounded by many other germ carrier students who are potentially sick. As a parent it is important to take preventative and proactive measures to ensure a healthy school year for you and your children. The more often your children gets sick the more likely the entire family is going to get sick. Also, if your kids are sick it’s a possibility that you might have to take off work which can be c ostly. So how do you go about keeping your children from getting sick this school year? Below we have provided some tips that will keep your kids out of the doctors office and keep them in the classroom.

Germs in the Classroom: How to keep you and your students healthy this year Germs in the Classroom: How to keep you and your students healthy this year

One of the most difficult parts of being a teacher is the frequency with which you are going to encounter various types of sicknesses throughout the year. Kids are living, breathing, walking, talking, incubators of some of the nastiest germs out there, and if you haven’t been acclimated to an environment full of these germs, your immune system may not be up to fighting off the colds, coughs, and flu symptoms your body will entertain throughout the year.

Cleaning Gym Equipment

Tis the Season of State Fairs

Why to Choose Sani Hands at the Beach

The Importance of Hand Sanitizing Wipes

The Fight Against Deadly Infections in Hospitals

Top 10 dirtiest places in your home

5 Ways to Stop the Norovirus from Ruining your Vacation

Why I Choose Hand Sanitizing Wipes over Hand Sanitizer

Top 10 Occasions to use Hand Sanitizing Wipes

Hand Sanitizing Wipes for Air Travel Press Release

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