January 19, 2012 : Sanitizingwipes.com Press Release

Sanitizingwipes.com Press Release

In today's hectic world, being sick for even a day can throw you so far behind schedule that it feels like you're spending your next week just trying to play catch up. Fortunately, a new website has been launched dedicated to providing solutions for keeping environments and people clean and sanitary, SanitizingWipes.com

SanitizingWipes.com, a Division of SanitationTools.com LLC, casts a wide net in the world of disposable wet wipe products and brings them together in a user friendly website. Visitors to the site can find a broad selection of sanitizing wipes, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizing wipes, and antibacterial wipes. Sanitizingwipes.com provides a comparison tool that allows the website visitor an opportunity to compare wipes based on active ingredient, container size, wipe size, and per wipe cost. Additionally, if a visitor to Sanitizingwipes.com wants to find a wipe effective against a particular microorganism or virus, the site offers an Efficacy tool that helps the site visitor to identify the correct wipe(s) for the desired antimicrobial effect.

“Whether you are trying to disinfect your bathroom sink or sanitize your hands at a restaurant before eating your dinner, Sanitizingwipes.com has a solution to make your life easier and cleaner” said President, Sherman L. McDonald

While there may be other similar products on the market today, none of them are backed by a site that offers both user friendliness and specific information on which type of sanitizing wipe, disinfecting wipe, or hand sanitizing wipe is right for your specific situation. McDonald explains, “Sanitizingwipes.com was developed to provide our customers a unique web destination that offers both an educational component about disposable wet wipes and the various applications they can be used in.”


posted February 1, 2012 by Steve
This is a great looking site, I'm excited to see how your product can help me and my family!


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