March 16, 2012 : Top 10 Occasions to use Hand Sanitizing Wipes

Top 10 Occasions to use Hand Sanitizing Wipes

Top 10 Occasions to use Hand Sanitizing Wipes

Why Use Hand Sanitizing Wipes at all?

You may think that a disposable hand sanitizing wipe is the best way to clean and sanitize your hands.  The truth is many experts point to the traditional approach of using soap and water to properly clean your hands.  I certainly can’t argue with that logic, personally I prefer soap and water over hand sanitizing wipes when I have the choice between the two.  The fact is there are many occasions when soap and water are not available and clean hands are a must.  I thought I would define the Top 10 Occasions to use hand sanitizing wipes based on my 25 yrs. of experience in the world of hand hygiene.   

Top 10 Occasions to Use Hand Sanitizing Wipes

1.       Restaurant

Hand sanitizing wipes come in handy once you have placed your food order as the menu may have germs that have transferred onto your hands.  The other objects that are of particular interest to me are the salt and pepper shaker, the mustard and ketchup bottle, and any other item found on the table.  I always use a hand sanitizing wipe just before I begin to eat, even if I have visited the restroom and washed my hands thoroughly.  Sanitizing your hands before touching your food is a must.

2.       Pharmacy

This is a favorite one for me.  At the pharmacy I use, you must sign for your prescription when picking it up.  What a way to catch a cold if you’re not careful.  How many sick folks have visited the pharmacy that day to pick up their meds and had to sign for their script?  That ink pen or electronic pen is most likely loaded with germs.  I always wipe my hands down with a hand sanitizing wipe after leaving the pharmacy.

3.       Doctor’s Office

The same thought process for the pharmacy is true for the doctor’s office.  The only difference is that many of those sick folks visiting the pharmacy started out at the doctor’s office first.  Always, always, always, use a hand sanitizing wipe once you have left the doctor’s office.

4.       Hospital

This one is a no brainer.  You just never know what you might encounter at the hospital.  Taking the time to wipes those hands down with a hand sanitizing wipe once you leave the hospital is a great idea.

5.       Sporting Events

You are sitting at the baseball stadium getting ready to eat that hot dog you just purchased.  Since you washed your hands in the stadium restroom 20 minutes ago you have touched several dirty surfaces such as a hand rail, arms of the stadium seat, money you used to pay for your hot dog and you also picked up something off of the ground.  Your hands are not visibly dirty and you really do not want to walk back to the restroom to wash your hands.  Grab a hand sanitizing wipe before you start to eat that hot dog. 

6.       Diaper Changing

You’re out for a stroll with your family and you need to change your child’s diaper.  No soap and water in sight.  Grab a hand sanitizing wipe when you’re done with that diaper and enjoy the rest of your walk.

7.       Picnic

You’re out for a day at the park with your kids and it’s time to eat.  Before you sit the little guys down, grab a hand sanitizing wipe to clean those hands before they start to eat.

8.       Fishing

Out on the boat for a day of fishing and you just baited your hook with a worm.  It’s suddenly time for lunch and you wash your hands with some lake water but you’re not quite sure your hands are clean enough to eat with, grab a hand sanitizing wipe.  You might just want to grab two and get those paws really clean!

9.       On the Plane

Traveling on an airplane can present numerous obstacles with keeping your hands clean.  You can read more on our blog entry titled Hand Sanitizing Wipes for Air Travel which covers the big picture related to keeping your hands clean while traveling via the air.  I personally carry a number of hand sanitizing wipes when traveling, both for on the airplane but also for all of those other times I will need to clean and sanitize my hands while I am away.

10.   School Lunch

As a father of four children, I always told my wife that the kids brought home every bug under the sun.  Kids today are constantly engaged with their cell phone, which I am convinced never gets cleaned properly.  They typically do not practice good hand hygiene and can bring home colds to share with the rest of the family.  I like to think that the sharing of a “cold” may have been prevented if they had practiced good hand hygiene at school.  When they sit down to eat their lunch at school, I have to believe a large number of kids have not visited the washroom to clean their hands properly.  Having a hand sanitizing wipe that they can use is a great idea.  There are even products that are designed with kids in mind like Sani-Hands for Kids instant hand sanitizing wipes.   Schools should have these wipes available for all kids as they enter into the lunch room. 

I am sure there are many more occasions when hand sanitizing wipes would be the ideal solution to maintaining proper hand hygiene.  What are some of the occasions you find hand sanitizing wipes beneficial?

Written by:  Sherman McDonald



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