March 20, 2012 : Why I Choose Hand Sanitizing Wipes over Hand Sanitizer

Why I Choose Hand Sanitizing Wipes over Hand Sanitizer

Why I Choose Hand Sanitizing Wipes over Hand Sanitizer

Today’s consumer has a wide array of products to choose from when it comes to sanitizing their hands.  I have been asked many times why I prefer hand sanitizing wipes over hand sanitizer.  For purposes of this discussion, I am considering hand sanitizer and hand sanitizing wipes with the exact same active ingredient, ethyl alcohol.  The active ingredient in many hand sanitizing products is ethyl alcohol, although hand sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer are available with various active ingredients.  Simply put, I prefer to use a hand sanitizing wipe because of the wiping motion with the wipe material that helps pull soil from my hands. 
If my hands are visibly soiled and I can’t wash with soap and water, a hand sanitizing wipe allows for at least some of the soil to be removed.  I often will use two wipes if my hands are visibly soiled with the idea being that the first wipe is for cleaning the hands and the second wipe is for sanitizing the hands.  If I simply applied hand sanitizer gel to my hand, I am not removing any of the soil unless it is dripping off of my hands.  I have nothing against hand sanitizer as it is a great hand hygiene tool that has been proven to reduce germs on hands when used according to labeled directions.  It’s the wiping of the hands with the hand sanitizing wipe I prefer.  I typically carry the
Sani-Hands individual hand sanitizing wipes or the Purell Cottony Soft Sanitizing Wipes so I am always prepared when it’s time to sanitize my hands!

What do you prefer to use when sanitizing your hands?

Written by:  Sherman McDonald



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