June 28, 2012 : Why to Choose Sani Hands at the Beach

Why to Choose Sani Hands at the Beach

During summertime, there’s nothing better than going to the beach on a warm sunny day and jumping into the water to cool off. However, would it still be as great if you knew going to the beach would make you sick?
The Natural Resources Defense Council recently did a study that focused on how dirty US beaches and how the water is making people sick. Within the report it included 3,000 beaches nationwide, and listed 15 beaches that have repeatedly turned up in the pollution rankings. The study also stated that 3.5 million people get sick each year at US beaches due to sewage in the water, and are left with a range of waterborne illnesses including pink eye, skin rashes, stomach flu, ear nose and throat problems, and other serious health problems. Below is a list of ways to help your family from getting sick this summer while visiting the beach.

Educate yourself: Before you head off to the beach, educate yourself about the beach to see if it’s known to be unclean and polluted. The studied showed that some beaches in Louisiana, Avalon and Doheny State beaches in southern California and select waterfront beaches in Ohio, Illinois, New Jersey and Wisconsin are included in the list of 15 beaches that have high pollution rankings.

Look Before you Jump In:
Before you go swimming make you sure you check the water. Make sure that the water isn’t an abnormal color or doesn’t have a scum layer. Also, if there is a strong odor coming off of the water, it probably isn’t best to swim in.

Play in the Water, but don’t drink the water: Even if the water seems like it’s clean, it’s probably best if you don’t drink it.

Wash Your Hands After Swimming: Since some of the illnesses that the water causes are pink eye and skin rashes, it’s important to not let the water penetrate your skin for long. Clean off your hands with Sani-Hands or your kids hands with Sani-Hands for kids, so that you don’t rub your eyes with possibly contaminated hands and get pink eye



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