Sani-Wipe No Rinse Surface Sanitizing Wipes Case Quantity - 100 Count

Packaged 100 wipes per tub, (6) tubs per case. Wipe Size: 7 ¾” x 10 ½”.  
Total wipe count per case = 600
® is for use on hard non-porous, food contact surfaces to prevent cross contamination from bacteria that can cause food borne illness.  Each pre-moistened wipe quickly and easily spot sanitizes hard food contact surfaces anywhere food preparation takes place. Just pull, wipe and toss.  Health and Safety Compliance does not get any easier! 

Tub fits nicely in the Sani Wall bracket. (See Dispenser Options tab below) 
Use on food contact surfaces including:
■ Countertops
■ Drainboards
■ Non-wood cutting boards
■ Food cases
■ Refrigerators
■ Appliances
Use on non-food contact surfaces including:
■ Grocery carts and baby seats
■ Tables and chairs
■ Cash registers
■ Infant highchairs and booster seats
■ Laminated menus
■ Telephones
■ Doorknobs  

Price: $72.72

A health code compliant food contact surface sanitizer not requiring a rinse after use. Contains 175 ppm of quat and 5.48% alcohol. Sani-Wipe is EPA Registered and NSF International listed.
Sani-Wipe no rinse hard, non-porous surface sanitizing wipes are recognized by the FDA as appropriate for use as a no rinse sanitizer on food contact surfaces.
SANI-WIPE® consistently sanitizes food contact surfaces in 60 seconds! Just pull, wipe & toss!
■ Consistently delivers 200 ppm of sanitizing solution…wipe after wipe!
■ Replaces the red bucket and rag (as part of the three step process).
■ Excellent for spot sanitizing hard surfaces.
■ Improves Health & Safety Compliance.
■ No mixing, measuring, rinsing or testing.*
* In most states
Prevent cross-contamination!  SANI-WIPE® is uniquely formulated for sanitizing food contact surfaces in retail food establishments & non-commercial foodservice providers.
•Fast Food Chains
•Food Processing
- Pre-moistened
- Pre-measured
- Easy to use
- Packaged in convenient wall mountable  canisters (Extra Large Sani Wall Bracket sold separately
- Consistently delivers 200 ppm of sanitizing solution (wipe after wipe)
- 100 disposable wipes per canister

- Always ready to use
- No measuring or mixing required
- Just pull, wipe, and toss
- Eliminates messy sanitizing buckets
- Eliminates need to consistently test sanitizing solution to ensure proper strength
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